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Saturday, July 13, 2019

A Mother Bird Stopped The Tractor To Protect Her Eggs, Watch The Video 

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A Mother Bird Stopped The Tractor To Protect Her Eggs, Watch The Video 

Life without a mother is possible! No, no one can imagine living life without a mother. A woman plays many roles but when it comes to play the role of a mother, she excels in it as she plays a pivotal role in the upbringing of her kids. In any problem, only the feel of having her around is a satisfaction. It gives courage to face the problem. She is the woman who never lets her children struggle with the problem alone. She awakes in the night with her kid in the time of exams, she gives her kid a protection from cruel world and what not!

Not only a kid grows but along with the kid, the mother grows as a parent. She can go to any extent to struggle with the problem coming toward her kids. Motherhood is not only all about love, affection and giving everything to the child but also protecting child from all odds.

And a lovely video prove that the feeling of being a mother isn’t limited to only human but birds protect their infants equally.

Watch the video:

A video is went viral in which a bird is seen protecting her eggs by forcing a tractor to stop and the video is making noise around on social media. The incident is recorded from Ulanqab city of North China. The video shows the bird spreading its wing as the tractor gets closer to her eggs lying in the field. It seems that, it is an indication for the tractor to stop to thrash her eggs. Above this, the driver of the tractor did what the mother bird was asking. He stopped the tractor.

The video is posted on social media by China Global Television Network. It has grabbed netizens’ attention from all over the world. The caption of the video reads as, “Mother bird stops moving tractor to protect eggs.” Till now, the video has garnered 31.5k views, 1,377 likes and 374 retweets.

The driver not only applied the break but later he placed a bottle of water near the bird.

Let’s have a look the comments below:

A user posted: Greatest of all. The love showed by a driver for mother bird that he is so kindhearted with full of love and emotions in his heart

Another wrote: What beautiful and brave mother. Good night and greetings to all

As per a user: Hats off to you Mother Bird. ….Only a mother can go anh lengths to take care of her offspring’s

Published by Mamatha Reddy on 13 Jul 2019

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