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Friday, July 26, 2019

Anushka Sharma backs up hubby with puzzling post after Rohit Sharma unfollows them

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Anushka Sharma backs up hubby with puzzling post after Rohit Sharma unfollows them

As per latest reports, the vice-captain of the Indian cricket squad has unfollowed both Virat Kohli and his wifey Anushka on Instagram after a so-called rift with the India skipper after their upsetting semi-final loss in the recently ended ICC World Cup.

Rohit recently unfollowed Kohil from his Instagram account, making their cold vibes more visible.

Though neither of the two ace personalities said anything openly regarding the problem, Rohit unfollowing the hubby-wifey pair on Insta provides a big hint regarding the possible situation.

An official source told the media people, “There were reports which came out following the World cup about a rift between two senior players in the dressing room, though no names were mentioned.”

But, Rohit did not stop there. After unfollowing the Indian cricket captain, Rohit also unfollowed Anushka Sharma from the social media handle.

Anushka was quick to respond on her Instagram story and posted a note which read as, “A wise man once said nothing. Only truth can shake hands with silence in a mess of false appearances.”

A source had commented on this issue earlier and said that the problem between the two best batsmen started some years ago when Rohit and his opening partner Shikhar Dhawan left the management company that Virat is associated with.

At the ICC World Cup 2019, everything appeared hunky-dory until the Indian team’s abrupt exit after the semis.

Another source said about the management company that Virat is the skipper so the squad administration will have to give more preference to his judgment.

“I think they are very good friends,” the source added up.

Rohit Sharma had an outstanding world cup tournament, where he was the top run scorer and also scored 5 centuries, which itself is a world cup record.

In the meantime, even though Virat Kohli scored some half centuries, he was way behind his standards when it comes to the number of runs scored.

For all Rohit’s heroics, India could not advance into the finals and were beaten by the New Zealand team in the semifinals of the tournament.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 26 Jul 2019

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