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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Disha Patani performs incredible stunts in a gym; share videos

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Disha Patani performs incredible stunts in a gym; share videos

Bollywood actress Disha Patani has emerged as of the most famous celebrity on the social media platforms, and she has around 23 million followers too. Apart from sharing flawless pictures and selfies on the social media, the actress posts videos of her stunts on a regular basis.

This Bollywood actress is considered to be one of the fittest stars in the industry and she is always very much adventurous during her work out sessions. The actress who features in Bharat has shared various stunt videos on Instagram, which has become a huge hit among her social media followers. Let us have a look at the 5 times when Disha Patani’s stunt videos left us amazed.

1) One hand cartwheel

The actress shared a video of this hardcore workout with her fans and she can be seen slaying the one hand cartwheel, which indeed is something of a difficult act to pull off. She really looked comfortable with the act.

2) Backflip

Performing a backflip is difficult for even the fittest stars in Bollywood, but Disha performed this stunt like a true professional and that too with perfect posture.

3) Spin Tornado Kick

Disha displayed the right combination of strength and flexibility while performing the spin tornado kick to perfection.

4) Sweep Kick

This kick is also a difficult one as you need to have the right balance while switching from the regular kick to the sweep kick and Disha did it in the best way.

5) Front Tuck

Disha Patani’s performed the front tuck stunt effortlessly and really speaks a lot about her commitment to fitness.

In addition, she is open-minded and bold. In an interview, she said that the perfect way to deal with comments on social platforms is to not take them seriously.

The 27-year-old actress said, “I laugh over them, I mean they are comments so they are supposed to be funny right. So it’s good to laugh at yourself also sometimes. It’s fine, you should not take yourself so seriously also, nobody is perfect. We are making people laugh, so it’s good.”

Published by Ricky Tandon on 17 Jul 2019

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