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Sunday, July 14, 2019

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Prize Money: some facts that will surely leave you stunned; check full details

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Prize Money: some facts that will surely leave you stunned; check full details

The ICC 2019 world cup cricket championship has entered its final match, where New Zealand is playing against England, and the winner of this match will be crowned as the new world champion in world cricket.

Apart from the championship trophy, there is also a huge amount of price money involved in the mega cricket event that comes in every four years. The price money involved in the 2019 world cup cricket is on par with any other major sports championship in the world. The cricket fans will really feel amazed at the handsome price money that are involved in different stages of the world cup cricket.

Apart from the teams that qualify for the semifinals and above, there are also special price awards to all the teams who win their groups stage matches. Each team that wins their group stage matches will receive USD 40,000 for each match won, and this is indeed a great amount. And on the other hand, the team, which qualifies beyond the group stages, will be getting a price award of USD 100,000 and this is really a big encouragement for all the teams participating in the tournament.

And when it comes to the semifinal matches of the 2019 world cup, the two teams that has been crushed out in the semifinal matches will get a whopping cash award of USD 800,000. The team, which gets defeated in the final will get an amazing price money of 2 million dollars and ultimately the winners of the 2019 world cup will be getting a price award of 4 million dollars. So, if we have a look at the price awards, is very well on par with the best in the sports industry.

The tournament favorites India was knocked out in the semifinals by the New Zealand team, and they have just managed to get a cash award of USD 800,000 and the team is really facing huge criticism from across the world for its mediocre top order batting performance in the semifinal match.

Apart from the above mentioned prices there are also separate prices for the Man of the match, the Man of the tournament, the leading wicket taker, most runs scorer, best fielder, the best all-rounder and many more.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 14 Jul 2019

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