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Thursday, August 8, 2019

After PM Lauded His Speech, Ladakh MP Is Flooded With Facebook Friend Request 

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After PM Lauded His Speech, Ladakh MP Is Flooded With Facebook Friend Request 

On Wednesday after the revocation of Article 370, the Ladakh MP delivered a speech in the Parliament which was lauded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After it, he started receiving number of friendship requests on Facebook. The name of MP is Jamyang Tsering Namgyal and after seeing so many friend requests, he tweeted:

“I cannot accept more friend request on Facebook Account as the limit of 5000 is crossed. So may please hit like and stay tuned with my official Facebook page attached here:”

In Tuesday, PM said that Namgyal delivered “an outstanding speech in the Lok Sabha”. “My young friend, Jamyang Tsering Namgyal who is @MPLadakh delivered an outstanding speech in the Lok Sabha while discussing key bills on J&K. He coherently presents the aspirations of our sisters and brothers from Ladakh. It is a must hear!” he tweeted.

PM also posted the link to his speech. Jamyang delivered 17-minute speech in which he welcomed the government’s decision on Kashmir and said the plea of the people of Ladakh had finally been accepted. “Modi haintohmumkinhain” (If Modi is there it is possible), he said.

“Honourable member from Kashmir was saying after Article 370 is abolished what we would lose. Well I would say ‘two families will lose their livelihood’,” said Jamyang.

“Kashmir will now have a bright future,” he said. The people from Kargil voted for Union Territory (UT) status in the 2014 parliamentary elections and it topped their manifesto even in the 2019 polls, Jamyang added.

“You can recall any war, Ladakhis have always sacrificed for the love of the nation”, he further said.

In his speech, Tsering Namgyal said, “Since yesterday, everyone has been talking about equality, saying that if Article 370 is removed, equality will cease to exist. I want to ask why is it that in the past when funds were collected for the development of entire J&K, the entire amount for Ladakh was transferred to Kashmir. Is this your equality?”

“Yesterday, Congress leader in Rajya Sabha (Ghulam Nabi Azad) was screaming his lungs out saying what will happen to Ladakh, what will happen to Ladakh. I want to ask him, in 2008 when he was the chief minister his govt created eight new districts in J&K. Four were for Kashmir and the people of Jammu fought for an equal number. But Ladakh got nothing. Is this your equality?” Namgyal asked.

“You [the Congress] did not establish any institute of higher education for Ladakh in so many years. Is this your equality? Ladakh recently got its first university under the Narendra Modi govt,” he said.

Asking the Opposition, he said, “Like you, I don’t come here reading books but I come here after understanding the ground reality.”

Published by Mamatha Reddy on 08 Aug 2019

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