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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Archana Puran Singh gets scared on seeing MP in the show, says Kapil Sharma

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Archana Puran Singh gets scared on seeing MP in the show, says Kapil Sharma

The Kapil Sharma Show is one of the most popular and loving TV shows among the audience with a huge fan base.

In its upcoming episode, we can see the comedian Kapil Sharma welcoming his special guests, which includes John Abraham, Ravi Kishan and Mrunal Thakur for the show. The stars become part of the show to promote Batla House.

The promotional video of the upcoming episode has surfaced on the internet and it is really amazing and hilarious. In the video, we can see Kapil Sharma asking why they are getting fat after eating while John Abraham is still staying fit.

To his question, Archana Puran Singh replies that John Abraham eats nutritious food such as Makhana. In his reply to Archana, Kapil says that she should not keep an eye on other’s food at any cost.

Kapil Sharma later revealed that during his film shoot, John Abraham was once shooting on the road, and his mother really thought that he was being shot.

John Abraham said to the audiences that the action-director had indeed explained him about the shot and his mother really got frightened.

Another impressive part from the promotional event happened when Kapil Sharma introduced Ravi Kishan to Archana and said that he was scared when a member of the Parliament came on the show. Kapil really won the hearts of the audience with his one liners.

Kapil Sharma did not spare Archana as he said that he has done wrong with one of the members present over there.

Ravi Kishan was quick to reply to this talk and said, “Ye etihasik burayi kiye hai, aisa jhatka matlab ab tak dard mein h.”

This statement from Ravi Kishan really made everyone laugh out loud.

During the show, Kapil Sharma was seen saying that he does not feel like working out and not at all concerned about his physic.

When Archana asked him to join the gym, Kapil said that his instructor himself has left gymming.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 14 Aug 2019

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