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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Can someone tell the answer behind celebs’ fashion of wearing jackets in Mumbai?

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Can someone tell the answer behind celebs’ fashion of wearing jackets in Mumbai?

Fashion!!! For the inspiration of fashion and styling who can be the better mentor than the Bollywood celebs. Right? These tinsel town stars now and then are spotted wearing stylish and designer outfits at lunch dates, parties and other places around the town. The followers of some of the great divas not only get inspired from them but also but clothes which are worn by them. You might also do the same. Right?

But, have you ever thought what is the reason behind tinsel town stars wearing jackets and sweatshirts in weather of Mumbai? Why we often spot them wearing a sweatshirt , a hoodie above shorts , a denim jacket and mostly jackets? Wondered ever? Don’t you think it’s a wrong kind of fashion statement given by them to their followers? Like what if the temperature is around 40 and you move out wearing a jacket? You will be called fool but if the same is done by a celeb it is hidden under the fashion sense, style or statement.

As a fan or a viewer, we all look up to our favourite B-Town stars. The way they live there life , wear clothes and do other stuff. We get inspired from them and want to have same things like them as it often considered trendy and cool.Though, we love the clothes worn by them but can we spend money in buying it and opt to wear it outside in Mumbai heat & humidity? A big No I think. Mumbai isn’t a place where you can wear anything and everything bas per you wish. The spring – autumn inspired combos can’t be worn Every time no matter how many times we spot stars wearing it.

The question all I have is that don’t our celebs feel uncomfortable as we all want to wear clothes according to the weather and in which we are super comfortable. There is a need that someone answers & explains why celebs wear denim jacket and sweatshirts in Mumbai?

Published by Mamatha Reddy on 07 Aug 2019

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