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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Cricketers Faced Wrath on Social Media After Girls Exposed Them

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Cricketers Faced Wrath on Social Media After Girls Exposed Them

Social media is a connection between the celebs and their fans. Well, same happens with cricketers as their fans show love towards them on social media by sending messages and upload posts and do various other things. However, it can also lead to misuse of posts. Though, social media platforms has helped the cricketers to increase their popularity and reach around the globe but on the other hand it has also become a curse to some of the cricketers.

In the sporting world, there have been instances were the cricketers had to pay a huge price for their approach on these platforms.

Have a look below who are all such cricketers:

  1. Shane Warne:

Player Shane Warne had remained a part of numerous controversies. He was roasted on social media, for his deed. When he had started a casual conversation with a 24-year-old student in Belgravia, London. The chatwas casual at first but Shane did a mistake by sending her inappropriate message. The girl had shared the message on the social media after that.

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  1. Yuzvendra Chahal:

Chahal is one of the talented and you heat cricketers in the Indian cricket team. He has a huge fan following on various platforms as well. Although, he doesn’t reply back to his fans often but one time he did messaged a girl. The player messaged a girl named Niluni on Instagram. The 20-year-old posted a beautiful picture and was surprised to see his message and shared the screenshot on her account. After which Chahal came up with a lame excuse and also apologized to her.

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  1. Mohammad Shami:

One of the outstanding player Shami is also among this list. He has gone through rough patch in his personal life as he was blamed of having physical relation by his wife a year ago. She shared a lot of his WhatsApp chats with different women. Although, after investigation all the issues were cleared from him. But again, he got himself into trouble when he sent messages to one of his women followers on Instagram. The women shared the screenshot on social media.

Published by Mamatha Reddy on 03 Aug 2019

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