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Friday, August 23, 2019

Eight-Year-Old German Kid Takes His Family’s Car For Joyride at High-Speed

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Eight-Year-Old German Kid Takes His Family’s Car For Joyride at High-Speed

Parents usually enjoy watching the interesting things done by their cute little kids. In general, the kids having an age ranging between  5 to 8 years do unusual things that leave the parents astonished. An 8-year old kid from Germany has done such thing and amazed the entire world. Yes, you heard it right! A German-based boy took his parents’ car for a joyful ride at a speed of 140 Kmph. It might seem an unusual and impossible thing for a kid at 8 years of age. But, it has happened in real life in Germany.

As per the reports, the mother of the kid informed the local cops at 12.30 AM local time that the boy was lost. She found that he was lost after realizing that the family car was also got lost. The kid’s mother understood that the kid himself took off the car for a ride. At 01.15 AM, the mother told authorities that she found her child at a highway service area. As per the reports, ‘He said he had pulled over after his high-speed jaunt made him feel unwell.’

„Ich wollte nur ein bisschen Autofahren.“ sagte in der Nacht ein 8-Jähriger zu unseren Kollegen. Er war von zuhause mit…

Gepostet von Polizei NRW Soest am Mittwoch, 21. August 2019

Soon after locating the boy, the kid was found with the car in parking mode, turned on the hazard lights and turned on the w*rning triangle next to the vehicle. The Soest cops took to the official Facebook page in order to describe the incident that took place in Germany. They added a picture but didn’t disclose the picture of the boy as he is a minor. As per the post, the little boy told the cop that he ‘just wanted to drive a little bit’ after being rescued.

The cops also informed that there was no detriment caused to life or any sort of property. The kid’s mother told German news agency DPA that the 8-year old has immense experience in driving bumper cars and go-karts. The mother also informed that he has knowledge of operating cars. People were highly concerned and perplexed on the internet soon after looking at the Facebook post.

Published by Neetu Panwar on 23 Aug 2019

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