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Monday, August 26, 2019

Google issues new workplace guidelines; employees will not debate over politics

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Google issues new workplace guidelines; employees will not debate over politics

On Friday, Google issued new workplace guidelines under which its staff has been ordered to refrain from insulting one another and from making misleading comments about the company and from disrupting the workday to have a raging debate over politics or the latest news story.

The guidelines reads – ‘Our primary responsibility is to do the work we have each been hired to do, not to spend working time on debates about the topics which are non-work’.

The new guidelines are a marked departure from Google’s unrestrained culture that was once held up as a model for corporate America, along with the workplaces of its Silicon Valley neighbors but the same companies have learned that motivating employees to speak up in office forums can also court trouble.

The latest news centered on the accusations of a former Google employee that he was fired for his conservative vantage point and that the company focused to help the opponent of President Trump in the election of the year 2020. After an interview with the man was aired, Mr. Trump tweeted that supposed actions of Google were against the law and he also added that they are watching Google very closely.

The right-wing news site The Daily Caller later revealed that the employee had urged Google colleagues to raise funds for a bounty to find a person who punched Richard Spencer, a prominent white nationalist, in the face.

Google, in the rules issued on Friday, told the employees to be careful in their comments about the company.

Published by Lokendra Sharma on 26 Aug 2019

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