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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Jofra Archer gives a classic reply after being insulted on Twitter

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Jofra Archer gives a classic reply after being insulted on Twitter

England pace bowler Jofra Archer is one of the most brilliant and fastest rising stars in world cricket. He is also very much active on his social media handles. Most of his tweets have become legendary and of late, it has been discussed a lot between his fans from across the world.

Recently, Jofra Archer has also uploaded a Vlog on his Youtube page, so that his fans can know more about him. He also uploaded a link of this video on his Twitter page and the post got a huge response from his fans from across the world. The fans really seem to have loved his post on the web.

After posting the video link on Twitter, one of the fans posted an ill-humored comment that he was looking ugly. The user posted with the twitter handle @stokesben0 and it seems that the Twitter user has not yet revealed his true identity.

But from his cover pic, it seems that this guy is from the West Indies as he has the pictures of Bob Marley and also has the display pic of Chris Gayles. The comment shot by this guy was not at all appreciated by the Twitter users and lot of them came forward to criticize him. Many of the users stated that this England bowler is smart and cute.

But the 24 year old Jofra Archer responded to these replies with a smile and replied to the Twitter user that he is very handsome. Jofra Archer didn’t mince and did not even speak out any foul language regarding this issue.

Jofra Archar was one of the star performers for England in the 2019 world cup world cup tournament and was also a major performer of their bowling attack. The bowler is also holding the hopes of the England cricket team in the ongoing Ashes test tournament.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 10 Aug 2019

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