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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Man from the viral ‘Land kara de’ video to try skydiving next; Netizens create hilarious memes

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Man from the viral ‘Land kara de’ video to try skydiving next; Netizens create hilarious memes

It was only a day back, when a video of a man paragliding in the scenic destination of Manali had gone viral over the internet.

In the video, we can see a man who says all the bizarre things and even begged in front of the instructor to land on the ground.

He was also seen cursing himself, while doing his paragliding adventure.

The lines “Bhai bas land kara de” said by this man has gone viral.

He also said that “Bhai 500 jyada le le lekin land kara de”, which means you can take 500 rupees more, but please help me land on the ground.

The funny video has gone viral all over social media platforms and the paragliding instructor was also equally funny.

The instructor was seen asking the man to keep his legs up and as soon the video became viral on social media, a lot of jokes and memes started appearing.

The man in the video is the 24 year old Vipin Sahu, who hails from Uttar Pradesh. Vipin Sahu got overwhelmed by the amazing response that the video got from social media and he is very much amazed at the power of social media.

Speaking to media people, Vipin Sahu said that social media is indeed a powerful thing and it was evident from the fact that a small man from a small town in India has got heaps of love so far.

He said that he was glad that he could make the people laugh at the video. He also remembers the time when he and his friends saw the video for the first time. Even the hotel manager was finding it hard to stop his laughter. Vipin Sahu’s family is also very much amused after watching the video. While talking to the media, Vipin Sahu has expressed his wish to go for sky diving in the near future.

The man’s talk with his attendant, when he was enjoying paragliding, is perhaps the wittiest thing we’ve stumble across this year. Have a look at the memes that hit web-

Published by Ricky Tandon on 29 Aug 2019

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