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Friday, August 30, 2019

Mumbai ranked 45th and Delhi 52nd from 60 cities on the Safe Cities Index 2019

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Mumbai ranked 45th and Delhi 52nd from 60 cities on the Safe Cities Index 2019

Considering voyaging? This is the ideal opportunity to mull over how safe the city you’re heading out to is.

As indicated by the Safe Cities Index 2019, a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Tokyo, Singapore, Osaka, and Amsterdam have involved the top spots.

The list positions 60 urban areas dependent on 57 markers, for example, computerized security and individual security separated from wellbeing and framework. Think about something spots New Delhi and Mumbai got? Coincidentally,those are the main two Indian urban areas that showed up on the rundown.

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While Tokyo and Singapore are on the first and second spots, separately, Osaka and Amsterdam are on number three and four. Sydney is on the fifth spot while Toronto is on the 6th. Washington DC is on number seven while there is a tie among Copenhagen and Seoul for the eighth spot.

London sits at 14, while New York is at 15. Los Angeles took the seventeenth spot and Paris on 23rd, while Dubai is on the 28th. Beijing is at number 31 and Shanghai is on 32. Kuala Lumpur took the 35th spot and Istanbul and Moscow is on 36 and 37.

After this, comes India, the main two Indian urban communities on the rundown are Mumbai on 45 and New Delhi on 52. Dhaka and Karachi are on 56 and 57 separately, while Lagos positioned keep going on the rundown.

The report likewise refers to that urban administration will assume a critical job in deciding the personal satisfaction in the urban communities. ‘A key component of this will be the capacity of urban areas to give security to their inhabitants, organizations, and guests,’ the report said.

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The Safe Cities Index 2019 thought about four classifications – Digital Security, Security in Health, Security in Infrastructure, and Personal Security. Under Personal Security, Singapore involved the primary spot pursued by Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Wellington.

Published by Ishan Soni on 30 Aug 2019

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