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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Ranu Mondal gets Rs 6-7 lakh for singing ‘Teri Meri’ in Himesh’s Happy Hardy and Heer – Report

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Ranu Mondal gets Rs 6-7 lakh for singing ‘Teri Meri’ in Himesh’s Happy Hardy and Heer – Report

The name Ranu Mondal is now the hottest trend all over social media platforms, and there are a lot of discussions going on around the web about her talent and mesmerizing voice that matches even the best in the industry. Owing to her sheer quality of voice, she got an opportunity to sing in the Himesh Reshammiya song named “teri meri kahani” for the movie “Happy Hardy and Heer”.

It was something like a dream come true for the lady from West Bengal’s Ranaghat railway station and this gem was unearthed by an online user who shared her video on social media.

Ever since, life has changed a lot for this lady and her fortune is really cruising through the right way.

She was also offered a handsome amount of money for singing the song. As per various sources, she was offered an amount of around 6 to 7 lakh. But, there were also other reports that the lady initially said no to money offered, but Himesh was very much focused in making her accept the fee.

There are also many other similar posts that have been coming up on the social media. A lot of users have started sharing videos of similar singers from the different parts of the world and some of the online users are also trying to imitate the Ranu Mondal-Himesh Reshammiya moment in a funny way.

Meanwhile, Himesh Reshammiya has increased the confidence of Ranu Mondal by stating that no one can stop her from becoming the top singer in the Bollywood film industry. At the same time, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has also promised that his new movie will include a song sung by Ranu Mondal. There are also reports that Ranu Mondal will also be singing a song in Akshay Kumar’s new movie. The online users also believe that there will be more offers coming to Ranu’s way in the coming months.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 25 Aug 2019

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