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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Sacred Photos from Mecca Will Drive Your Soul Towards Spirituality

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Sacred Photos from Mecca Will Drive Your Soul Towards Spirituality

Hajj is the holy city for devotees and it is mandatory for them to visit this plac at least once in their lifetime. This year, Hajj begins on 9th August 2019. Usually, Hajj takes place every year in Saudi Arabia. Every year, millions of people visit this place and offer their prayers to the almighty. With an intention to fulfill the need of the fifth pillar i.e., performing Hajj, people visit Saudi Arabia.

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This year, Hajj starts from 9th August and ends on 14th August. During their visit, they need to make Tawaf for 7 times in a counter-clockwise direction. Compared to the last 4 times, they will circumambulate the Kaaba pretty faster in the first three times. They will circumambulate the holy Kaaba situated within the Grand Mosque in Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Take a quick look at the divine photos of the sacred place in Saudi.

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Kaaba means The Cube in Arabic. It is also considered as Bayt Allah or the House of God by the pilgrims. We can take a look at the photo of the pilgrim holding the wall of the holy Kaaba. The devotee will then consider gaining supreme power. The lines present on the palm of the hands will tell the destiny of the person.

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People touching the walls of the Kaaba using their hands belongs to the souls that they want their destiny to be blessed by the omnipotent and omnipresent. It is the golden door to acquire enlightenment. Often, the pilgrims at Hajj attend Mecca in-crowd on the golden door of the Kaaba. In order to evade getting separated among millions, the pilgrims visit at the Grand Mosque by holding hands together.

People usually cross a total of 7 seas in order to near their Almighty God and finish one the customs of the Five Pillars. By touching the wall, the consider their soul is free from all their sins. Drop your opinions and thoughts regarding the pictures and photos of Hajj in Mecca.

Published by Neetu Panwar on 07 Aug 2019

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