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Friday, August 16, 2019

Types of Bollywood Characters  you meet in your Travel Journey

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Types of Bollywood Characters  you meet in your Travel Journey

We all travel to different places around the world to either explore, spend time with friends and family or just to explore. When we step outside to travel around we get to learn new things and also get experience. While travelling we also get to meet new people and know them. Right? Well, as we are talking about meeting new people we have correlate the situation with the characters in Bollywood played by some of the actors in the Bollywood.

Have a look at these characters below and relate with it:


Bunny, the character from film Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani wanted to explore the world. He always flaunted his knowledge when it comes to playing Dora the Explorer in real life. Though someone like him can be a bit annoying, a part of you wants to live his life for sure.


The iconic character is played by none other than talented actress Kareena Kapoor Khan. She is always talking and we can call her a chatterbox who will talk with you in your journey the whole time. She is adorable and she can make your journey even more interesting and if you are introvert she is definitely a best travel companion.

Rani Mehra

This character is played by Kangana Ranaut. Rani is a confused Traveller who has decided the plan to travel but she is confused to do what to do. It is easy to spot such a character anywhere as they are the one asking for directions every 5 minutes.

Manu Gupta

The character Manu Gupta is an adventures person and he is prepared to make the best of it with his antics. This person never shies away from thinking out of the box and coming up with quirky ideas for the trip.

Mr Bhashkor

The Traveller who always complains about everything whether it be about a seat or a good. There is nothing which can please Mr Bhashkor. You can find a Traveller like this on almost every trip you go.

Published by Mamatha Reddy on 16 Aug 2019

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